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  • To promote and assist in the promotion of Nepali identity in North American region.

  • To provide financial and non-financial supports to new immigrants, refugees, women, teachers, farmers, children, youth, senior citizens, and socially marginalized people of remote areas of Canada and Nepal.

  • To render necessary immigration and settlement related supports to capacity building of aspirant and new immigrants to Canada with an anti-oppressive framework.

  • To work in collaboration with government and nongovernment agencies/organizations for saving and mitigating the loss of life and property during natural and manmade calamities to the people of Canada and Nepal.

  • To conduct required research and development in health, education, environment, tourism, economy, and socio-cultural issues.

  • To promote multiculturalism by nurturing the value of volunteerism and cooperation among Nepali speaking people, south Asians and new Canadians.

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