International women's day 2021 Celebration


                              Date: Mar 7, 2021

                 Time: 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


                             Meeting ID: 695 711 2967

                                Passcode: 2021

Highlights of past Activities


HHWB collected voluntary contributions from its board members and advisory committee members to support a local food bank. The fund was handed over to Guelph Food Bank, Guelph (Ontario)  in the presence of the mayor of Guelph on January 9, 2021.




First blood donation program was organized by Helping hands without Borders Canada on 11th Jan 2020. Second blood donation program will be organized soon. Contact us for your participation and involvement.


Support to international students in Canada

As of now almost 90 international students from across Canada were financially and non financially supported during pandemic time of Covid 19. 

Support to Covid-19 victims family in Nepal

A highly vulnerable family in Nepal affected by the Covid-19 was provided with financial help to manage the urgent needs.


HHWB organized a fundraising program to help the needy ones during the Covid-19 global pandemic. The first phase of fundraising program was held from March 29 to April 30, 2020.

Support to literary festival in Nepal

Asha Pragyan Kendra, Sitapaila, Nagarjun Municipality, Kathmandu, Nepal in partnering with Helping Hands without Borders Canada (HHwB) jointly organized a program to release twin books of litterateurs Mr. Narad Prasad Niraula (Sikkim, India) and Mr. Krishna Prasad Poudel (Nepal) on Feb 01, 2020( 2076/10/18 BS). Both the renowned authors were felicitated during the program for the literary works they’ve been engaged in furthering Nepali literary horizon across the globe. HHwB family would like to congratulate both towering figures of Nepali literature and extends many many thanks to the executives of Asha Pragyan Kendra, Nepal for providing the opportunity of cosponsoring the event. We express sincere gratitude to all the media outlets for covering the news.


HHwB, a Canadian federal not for profit Corporation has been committed in both Nepal and Canadian community in different sectors for the betterment of the community and pledges to continue the same in the days ahead.

Support to elderly citizens in Nepal

HHWB organized a pilgrimage program in collaboration with Ekata Samuha (an organization with more than 300 active women volunteers working for social welfare)and Tokha municipality, Kathmandu. Support-less 18 elderly women from Tokha municipality participated the one day program which included a day trip to the temples and recreational events.

Support to victims of natural disasters

HHWB provided financial help to flood victims in Terai region of Nepal through NRNA, Canada.

HHWB provided financial help to the landslide victims of Baglung, Nepal through Baglung Sewa Samaj.