Social Engagement

  • Promote the identity of Nepalese community in North America by its active participation in socio-economic activities of Canada and North America.

  • Promote the engagement of Nepalese community in humanitarian and community activities in Canada through the cooperation with other communities including other south Asian counterparts and new Canadians.

  • Encourage Nepali speaking communities in Canada for active community work and volunteering for promotion of sustainable community activities, brotherhood, and responsible social engagement.

  • Organize cultural activities and participate in various intercultural activities in North America in order to promote the identity of Nepalese community and extend its cooperation with other organizations in the region in order to promote multiculturalism and help bringing the Nepali speaking community at socio-cultural mainstream.

  • Work for environmental awareness and sustainable utilization of natural resources.

  • Promote and participate in the activities fostering better education and career prospects for the children of marginalized people.

  • Work for the betterment of senior citizens by organizing and supporting the recreational, wellness, and long-term care activities.

  • Participate in community, national, and international level social and humanitarian activities.  

  • Work with concerned organizations in order to obtain the support and resources for implementation of the activities of the organization. 

Immigration and settlement

  • Carry out the activities to support new immigrants including senior citizens, children, refugees, and needy people of any origin in Canada.

  • Promote the well being of new immigrants and senior citizens by engaging them in various social activities in Canada.

  • Render necessary immigration and settlement related support to capacity building of aspirant and new Canadian immigrants with an anti-oppressive framework.

  • Help new immigrants and new Canadians to build Canadian experience and to develop their language skills, career prospects, and technical and entrepreneurship skills.  

  • Support and encourage new immigrants and new Canadians to participate in economic activities based on agriculture and natural resources of Canada and contribute their .

  • Obtain resources and support for the settlement of new immigrants and work together with government and non-governmental organizations for the settlement and economic empowerment of new immigrants.


Disaster relief and social responsibilities

  • Work in collaboration with government and non-government agencies/organizations for saving and mitigating the loss of life and property during natural and man-made calamities. 

  • Conduct required research and development in health, education, environment, tourism, economy, and socio-cultural issues to identify the problems and their solutions.